The Beginnings

After a 10 years experience in the diving sector, collaborations with some diving centers located in the most beautiful parts of Italy, after a past as a scuba diver in the isle of Pantelleria  (a place very close to his heart and to his family), the President  Dante Cetrioli decides to create a Sporting Association, to share with other people his love for the sea and to disclose the mysteries it protects and hides.


The Sporting Association Scuba Diving School ATLANTIDE  starts up on February 27 2004


Adventure, fun and friendship: the fundamentals of scuba diving are ingredients to make of any diving a unique experience! To practice scuba diving means to meet people who share your own passions and to live together wonderful and exciting experiences.

To dive with friends and share with them the excitement any diving gives us is really great! This is our goal: to spend our time with a lot of friends with our same passions anywhere there is a wonderful place and to learn always new things. Come with us, join the Sporting Association Scuba Diving School ATLANTIDE!