Diving in Capo D’Acqua around submerged mills

The lake is situated in the village of Capo D’Acqua, near to to Capestrano, a small town 40 km  far from the city of L’Aquila, in an area full of interesting historical finds.

While  diving in the lake of Capo D’Acqua anybody (at any level) can see  - and visit – the two submerged mills.

The first one is in the worst condition, but it still has the blades that moved the millstones.

The second one is the most beautiful and amazing complex, with different rooms and structures, and they can all be visited, today after the earthquake of 6 April 2009, the property has undergone

extensive damage, a bow came down (just what was photographed for the cover of the magazine SUB No. 235 of 2005 by Carlo Ravenna).

We remind you that permissions for diving in the Capo D’Acqua lake and to visit its submerged complex are released only from us because the lake is under our exclusive responsibility and control, and diving are all guided by our staff.

More info about Capo D’Acqua are in the page Capo D’Acqua


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